The Italian Riviera has cultural and historical wonders on the same level as many other destinations in Italy. what makes this region even more special is an incredibly varied coastline: rocky coasts, sandy or pebble beaches, and beaches set in real natural frames for truly magical landscapes.

The beaches in Italian Riviera are really special and, each of them reserves a few surprises with features and details not to be missed.

Let’s start now to discover which are the most beautiful beaches in Italian Riviera.

1 Balzi rossi, Ventimiglia
2 Calandre, Ventimiglia
3 Sant’Ampelio, Bordighera
4 Caletta del Gabbiano, Ospedaletti
5 Tre ponti, Sanremo
6 Baia dei Saraceni, Varigotti
7 Punta Crena, Varigotti
8 Baia delle Sirene, Bergeggi
9 Spiaggia dei Pescatori, Noli
10 Spiaggia della Torre, Celle Ligure
11 Spiaggia Santa Chiara, Genova
12 Spiaggia di Boccadasse, Genova
13 Baia di paraggi, Portofino
14 San Fruttuoso, Portofino
15 Spiaggia del Pozzetto, Zoagli
16 Baia delle Favole, Sestri Levante
17 Spiaggia Vallesanta, Levanto
18 Spiaggia di Canuei, Levanto
19 Spiaggia di Monterosso, Cinque Terre
20 Spiaggia del Gigante, Monterosso al Mare
21 Spiaggia di Guvano, Vernazza
22 Cala del Pozzale, Isola Palmaria
23 Baia Blu, Lerici
24 Cala di Maramozza, Lerici
25 Punta Corvo, Ameglia

Balzi rossi, Ventimiglia

Balzi Rossi

On the border between Italy and France, between the beaches of Italian Riviera Ponente, we find the beautiful beach of Balzi Rossi.

Also frequented by people living in Monaco, the beach has both a public and a private part (the “Spiaggia delle uova), a place beloved by artists and celebrities where you can take advantage of services of excellence.

In addition to its crystal clear waters and beautiful vegetation that frames the location, the beach of Balzi Rossi also offers remarkable archaeological shows with rocks that create suggestive scenery.

Do not miss the sunset, with warm colors that are reflective on the rocks and the sea for games of light to take your breath away.

Calandre, Ventimiglia


The Calandre beach is also called the “golden sands” for its sandy bottom and for the wide presence of free beach.

finding a beach with these characteristics in Liguria is almost a rarity: it is particularly loved by children but also by the inhabitants of the area and nearby cities. every year, in fact, people also arrive from the French Riviera to spend a day here.

If you are looking for a few moments to relax away from the hustle and bustle the advice is to go to the Calandre during the week and avoid the weekend when the beach gets quite crowded.

To reach the beach there are 500 meters to go between very suggestive sea paths.

The beach has a small bar and free cold showers.

Sant’Ampelio, Bordighera


The rocks of Sant’ampeglio are the perfect destination for those who are in Bordighera and want to spend a few relaxing hours on the beach.

Comfortable and close to the city center and the historic village, here you can find spotless water (remember that Bordighera is awarded the prestigious European Blue Flag!) and, although of great beauty, is a beach is hardly crowded.

It is a real hidden gem where, mostly, they are the people of the place who usually go there with the whole family!

Thanks to its shallow waters people living in Bordighera come here to learn to swim making it a beach for quiet swims but also for diving. The rocks and small coves create natural pools perfect for children.

The evocative scenery of the cliffs of Sant’ampeglio is also the perfect subject to take beautiful photos!

Caletta del Gabbiano, Ospedaletti

caletta del gabbiano

The Caletta del Gabbiano in Ospedaletti is a small and hidden beach, a little gem of rocks and stones for hours of thoughtlessness.

For its rocky conformation is not a comfortable beach and suitable for those who want to bring children and families but it is a perfect place for intimacy and a few moments of relaxation during the day.

It is one of the cleanest stretches of water of the Italian Riviera West beaches with its crystal clear waters. At sunset The cove of the seagull becomes a real spectacle for aperitifs at sunset with friends or for a romantic date.

It will be impossible not to take beautiful photos when the sun starts to wane and the sea is tinges with warm and suggestive colors. A really magical place!

Tre ponti, Sanremo


Among the most beautiful beaches in Italian Riviera we must highlight the beach of the Tre Ponti, that is, the beach most loved by the people living in Sanremo!

It is a beautiful location that combines fun and beauty.

Young people usually flock to this beach to surf when the wind and the sea rise. Its sandy conformation makes it suitable also for the families being one of the beaches Italian Riviera for children.

There are several bathing establishments for all budgets also equipped with a nice beach volleyball court for an assured entertainment. Another interesting thing to know about the three bridges is that in the evening the locals organize beautiful events with music, barbecues or aperitifs in pure Sanremo style.

What to say, Tre Ponti beach satisfies all tastes and budgets in the perfect typical Sanremo lifestyle.

Baia dei Saraceni, Varigotti

caletta del gabbiano

The Bay of Saraceni rises between Varigotti and Noli and is particularly loved by divers for its beautiful seabed and crystal clear waters.

Its fine white sand makes it perfect for children too. The nature surrounding this beach is a pure relaxation scenario with a truly unique mix of colors and scents.

The beach is for a fee and during the high season, it is really difficult to spend quiet times and find parking!

If you have the opportunity, it is better to avoid the high season and enjoy the beautiful days of early summer in May and in the first half of June. Alternatively, the month of September is also beautiful to end Summer in a great way!

Punta Crena, Varigotti

Punta Crena

For the more adventurous and for the lovers of the wild sceneries the beach of Punta Crena is absolute to be included in the personal list of beaches to be seen on the Italian Riviera.

The beach is very beautiful and ideal for a little tranquility lying on the golden sand with emerald green waters. But the really exciting thing is the way to reach it.

The beach, in fact, can not be docked with motor boats and does not have a simple access and the best options are two: get there by swimming or canoeing!

You can also reach via climbing with ropes but surely by sea is the safest and even more evocative solution!

Baia delle Sirene, Bergeggi

Baia delle sirene

His name gives down an aura of mystery and magic and never disappoints his visitors.

The Bay of the sirens is the Bay par excellence: crystal clear water, Golden Beach and surrounding cliffs for a truly fairytale atmosphere.

The bay offers both a free beach and a fairly equipped small bathing establishment and a nice restaurant with sea view, much loved by the locals.

It is not very easy to get to the bay because you need to go through 300 steps and this makes it a little crowded and very quiet all year round.

Perfect for snorkeling, it also offers small coves reachable only by sea. In front, the island of Bergeggi frames the scenery although, being nature reserve, it is not visitable.

Spiaggia dei Pescatori, Noli

Spiaggia dei pescatori

The beautiful Sandy coast of Noli offers a perfect place for a relaxing and peaceful holiday: I’m talking about Spiaggia dei Pescatori.

It is a nearby beach a few steps from the medieval village, maintains intact its charm and its ancient soul linked to the seafaring culture.

From the beach, you can admire the remains of the village that make this beach particular but also romantic at sunset.

The spiaggia dei pescatori is also one of the most suitable ItalianRivieran beaches for children thanks to the presence of golden sand, in wide contrast with the common beaches of the Italian riviera coast of rocky origin.

There is both free beach and several bathing establishments.

Spiaggia della Torre, Celle Ligure


The Spiaggia della Torre is a small corner hidden between Albisola and Celle Ligure and is particularly loved for its beach clear and very fine with the presence of a few rocks here and there and for its suggestive path to be done to reach it immersed in the mountains and that , with a staircase, leads right to the sea.

Framed by a beautiful cliff, the beach has a public part and a private part with a beach bar with some services included, making it suitable for all budgets and different needs.

Another peculiarity of the beach of the tower is the so-called hole of the priest, a hole in a rock caused by erosion that attracts many curious.

During the high season it is very crowded.

Spiaggia Santa Chiara, Genova


In Genoa, on the slopes of the promontory of Santa Chiara, stands this beautiful rocky beach.

It is not easily accessible because it is possible to reach it by land through a steep staircase or, with the low sea, by sea and, for this reason, it is a quiet beach and ideal for moments of relaxation, for romantic sunsets and aperitifs of dreams.

Perfect if you are in Genoa and you want to carve out a few hours of sea and peace after the chaotic explorations in the city.

Spiaggia di Boccadasse, Genova

Spiaggia Santa Chiara

If you are on a trip to the center of Boccadasse, to the visited the village and you intend to spend a few hours by the sea, Boccadasse Beach is definitely the place for you!

This beach is very special and offers to the swimmers a view of the small village colored on the sea for unforgettable photos!

Although its waters are not the most beautiful of the Italian Rivieran coast, the location deserves a lot, especially for sunbathing, for aperitifs and dinners on the seaside but also for walks to discover the center and to admire the beautiful sunsets from its reefs.

It is the ideal location for a romantic date on the seaside!

Baia di paraggi, Portofino

Baia di Paraggi

In the Levante Riviera, on the promontory of Portofino, lies the Bay of Paraggi.

The bay is in fact a small natural harbor with beaches with fine sand and seabed rich in corals, starfish and many other suggestive creatures of flora and fauna, making it a perfect place for diving.

Its sea has an emerald green color and attracts many visitors at any time of the year. Its particularity and that even during the high season is a corner of confidentiality and relaxation suitable for all those who intend to break the routine and relax after exploring the nearby centers.

Other thing to be missed are the hiking trails that surround it to discover the promontory of Portofino.

San Fruttuoso, Portofino

San Fruttuoso

Between Portofino and Camogli rises this small and hidden bay perfect for hours of pure relaxation between sea and beauty.

The beach Located near the charming village of San Fruttuoso and, although small and rocky and reachable by sea or following a naturalistic path, offers the opportunity to try out in beautiful scuba diving to explore its beautiful seabed and admire one of the goodies of This place: The statue of Christ of the Abyss, 15 meters deep!

Spiaggia del Pozzetto, Zoagli

Spiaggia del Pozzetto

About 3 km from Rapallo is Spiaggia del Pozzetto, the undisputed meeting place between the locals and that, over the years, attracts more and more tourists especially in the warmer months.

The sand is dark and consists predominantly of pebbles and gravel and is partly public and partly private, equipped with sun loungers, parasols and a corner bar.

Its waters are really crystal clear and its colors stand out even more because of the dark sand and the rocks that surround it.

Really a nice beach for some stroke!

Baia delle Favole, Sestri Levante

Baia delle favole

Baia delle Favole in Sestri Levante, named after the writer for fairy tales for children Andersen, is a rarity in this particular area of the Italian Rivieran Riviera with its wide sandy expanse.

Although close to the marina its waters are clean and crystal clear and make the beach perfect for children.

Part of the beach is free while the remaining expanse is full of beach bars with services of various kinds although, the main attractions, are for young people with entertainment and events also evening.

Spiaggia Vallesanta, Levanto

Spiaggia Levanto

Between Levanto and Bonassola there is a very small but suggestive beach, Vallesanta Beach.

Slightly hidden although easily accessible, the beach owes its peculiarity and beauty to the beautiful vegetation that surrounds it with fragrant maritime pines close to the crystal clear sea.

A little oasis of peace!

Spiaggia di Canuei, Levanto

Spiaggia Levanto

This particular beach with its egg-shaped pebbles, from which it takes its name like the beach of Ventimiglia, is intimate and refined because it is possible to reach it only through a very steep path between Monterosso and Levanto. Alternatively, you can reach it by renting a typical local boat that makes the visit even more fascinating and special.

At sunset the show is really not to be missed with the sun enveloping the beach and its beautiful sea for moments of pure romance!

Spiaggia di Monterosso, Cinque Terre

Spiaggia di Monterosso

The famous Cinque Terre Find in the beach of Monterosso a real gem because, the lands hardly offer bathing areas with sand but only cliffs and pebbles.

This composition makes it an ideal beach for children and families and only a few steps from the centre of Monterosso.

It is easily reachable and, together with its comfort, makes this beach in summer really be taken by assault.

The periods of high season therefore are not advisable if you are looking for a quiet place.

Spiaggia del Gigante, Monterosso al Mare


Spiaggia del Gigante in Monterosso is perhaps one of the most intriguing beaches for the history and beauty of the Cinque Terre.

Called the real Pearl of the Italian Rivieran Sea, the beach hosts the iconic sculpture of a giant about 14 meters high and made by Arrigo Aminerbi.

The beautiful statue overlooks the beach framing the rocky landscape and clear waters with a touch of mystery and legend.

Although it seems rather ancient the statue dates back to the early 900 but, this does not take away, that its presence enriches and loads the beach with an old charm.

Spiaggia di Guvano, Vernazza

Spiaggia di Guvano

In the most famous part of the Italian Rivieran Riviera we find between Italian Riviera Levante beaches the beach of Guvano.

Between Corniglia and Vernazza rises this small beach for naturists nestled between the surrounding vegetation and the rocky conformation.

Very sheltered and reserved, the beach is reachable either via a path from Vernazza leads to Corniglia or, for the less adventurous, you can pass through the railway tunnel from Corniglia directly reaches the area.

Cala del Pozzale, Isola Palmaria

cala del pozzale

Located in front of the Tino island, Cala del Pozzale is reachable by sea from Portovenere and La Spezia thanks to its maritime connections, obviously more frequent during the summer months.

Composed of calcareous stones with light tones that mix with the vegetation of pines, myrtle and Brooms, the cove is very suggestive with its high cliffs smoothed by erosion phenomena.

At sunset becomes the ideal location for photos to effect!

Baia Blu, Lerici

baia blu

In Lerici we find the Blue Bay, protagonist of the Gulf of La Spezia and one of the favorite places for vacationers.

The bay is beautiful with a perfect mix of golden sand, pebbles, rich vegetation and rocks that frame it making it cozy and special for days to the sea in the name of local beauties but also fun.

The strong point of the Blue Bay is the presence of a free beach and of super beaches equipped with umbrellas, deckchairs, swimming pools and many services to really satisfy everyone, even those who are in the family!

Cala di Maramozza, Lerici

Cala di Maramozza

The Riviera di Levante hosts the beautiful Cala di Maramozza in Lerici, a cove hidden for a day on the beach intimate and quiet where to be rocked by the noise of the waves and the scent of pines.

To reach this small beach is rather difficult because, after leaving the car, you have to follow a path rather impervious and immersed in the surrounding vegetation and this makes the place suitable for the adventurous and those who do not let discourage From the excursion to reach it.

After the walk, however, the peace and tranquility of Cala will know how to repay you!

Punta Corvo, Ameglia

Beaches in Liguria

Hidden between the nature surrounding the village of Montemarcello, Punta Corvo owes its beauty to the path to reach it immersed in greenery.

Well 700 steps downhill to reach the beach but it is really worth it for the fabulous show that opens in front of its visitors: blue sea, dark beach and waves that are reflective on the rocks create a very suggestive scenery in every month Of.

In the beautiful days it is possible to see on the horizon the islands of Portovenere and part of the Alta Versilia.


Here we are at the end of our little trip to discover the most beautiful beaches of Italian Riviera!

Thanks to this information you will know exactly which beaches to visit, live and explore during your stay in Italian Riviera and what are their characteristics to find exactly what is right for you.

As you may have noticed, both West and East Italian Riviera has beaches ideal for all tastes and for all types of travelers, but also for all budgets!

I hope this guide will help you to create an itinerary to discover the most beautiful Italian Rivieran beaches between relaxation, fun and infinite beauty!

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