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The perfect family boat! Spacious and well equipped, ideal to comfortably accomodate up to 6 people thanks to the well conceived cockpit area. Max 10 people can be taken on board. 290€ by day
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With or without an instructor, this course will allow you to enjoy a walk along the beach, a fun way to discover the activity thanks to the advice provided by the instructor. Level of practice: Beginner and advanced Prices: 15 euros: 1 hour, 25 euros: 2 hours, 35 euros: 3 hours
Condition: New
Quicksilver 605 Open
Lac D'Annecy
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Notre bateau quicksilver 605 open millésime 2020 est équipé d’un nouveau moteur Mercury à injection, ce qui réduira votre consommation d\'essence. Equipement : taud de soleil, bain de soleil, autoradio. Ce bateau aux équipements complets fera de votre promenade sur le lac un moment inoubliable ! 700€ by day
YEAR OF CONSTRUCTION: 2020 Condition: Used CONSTRUCTEUR: Quicksilver
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